Hotel Chocolat has an estate in Saint Lucia where they grow cacao which is used to make the chocolate, also on this estate is a hotel where guests can stay and enjoy a rustic but beautiful stay. 
Rabot Hotel was taken over my new management and briefed me on rebranding the hotel including all of the touchpoint around the hotel and its signage.
Hotel Collateral 
As the hotel is very rustic and sustainable, my design concept was to incorporate this whilst looking contemporary and clean. I used kraft paper to reflect sustainability which is complimented by an off white textured paper as well as embossed logos to help bring some luxury to the idea.
Not only did I design the look and feel of the touch points, I also redesigned all the menus, and information booklets by changing the layout, fonts and adding the illustrations from the rest of the collateral.
Rebrand of logos and signage around the hotel
Updating the hotel's brochure with the look and feel in mind
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