Project Chocolat is an experience located in Hotel Chocolat's hotel in Saint Lucia. On the hotel's grounds, was an empty concrete space that we saw as an opportunity to become a destination for not just hotel guests, but tourists coming off of cruise ships.
This space has 3 levels, the lowest level its the start of the experience where you learn all about how chocolate is made followed by making their own chocolate bar, the next level is for food and drinks and the top level is a retail space where guests can buy Hotel Chocolat goods.
My job was to design murals for the concrete walls to make the whole experience instagramable and to capture that Saint Lucian vibe of bright colours and happiness.
Below you can see my design visuals from the concept stage as well as the final painted designs on the walls out there in Saint Lucia which are still being admired today.
The food and drinks space
Merchandise I designed for the retail space
Infographics for the Project Chocolat social channels
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